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“Sales” can be an icky word at the best of times, but in the context of allied health, supporting our most vulnerable populations, it can lead to discomfort and even guilt. Every business needs a sales process, and although you are a helping professional you’re still a business, and you can’t keep helping if you can’t keep operating. It’s time to bring sales to the forefront of your admin team’s mind, here’s the guidelines to turn your sales process from ‘yuck’ to ‘YAY!’.



🌟 The Sales Process in Allied Health (Written format of the 6 stages to the sales process) – 8 page PDF.

🌟 Additional resource: Building your reputation – The role of admin post-sales and into the client journey.


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Halo Practice Management’s Executive Director, Ash Davison, offers virtual and in-person training on The Sales Process in Allied Health for admin team and leaders. We regularly get feedback from our clients that this particular training is essential for improving their admin’s confidence and practice conversion rates.  For information and pricing, please contact ash@halopracticemanagement.com.au.