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A Beginner’s guide to the Referral log – Updated September 2021

 🌟 MS Excel Spreadsheet & Video Training on its use – this is one hell of a tool!
Although the name seems to suggest that all it does is tracks Referrals received, it does so very much more, this excel spreadsheet…Tracks the NUMBER of Inquiries Received.

🌟Allows you to calculate your front desk CONVERSION Rate.

🌟 Identifies the highest Referral type received… (Giving you insight into your marketing returns).

🌟Shows, on average, how many CONTACT ATTEMPTS are your front desk team needing to make to get hold of clients (this informs front desk efficiency and process decisions).

🌟Highlights how PROMPTLY referrals are being attended to by your front desk team.

🌟Identifies whether there is a particular presenting issue that your practice is not able to service, which can inform your future hiring decisions.

🌟Identifies reasons /objections why clients don’t book, which in turn informs what you might need to train your front desk in

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