About Us

Founded in 2018 by Gerda Muller, Chelsea Knight and Ashley Davison after having worked together in private psychology practice The Psych Professionals. Halo Practice Management provides a full suite of services, from assessment & consulting to virtual admin and reception. We had a vision to create a new industry standard where we could provide a scope of service above and beyond expectations. We bring together an eclectic range of experience to inform a client-focussed approach to virtual administration and reception.

Ash is our Executive Director and Co-Founder of Halo Practice Management who runs our Virtual Admin and consulting arms of the business. Ash has a variety of business experience and has worked across service, sales & marketing and most importantly the mental health industry over her career. Ash’s management style inspires outstanding work from the team whilst nurturing a caring and supportive working relationship with each team member. She has a cheerful, up-beat personality that is ready to face any challenge thrown her way. 



May is our Team B Practice Support Team coordinator who works closely with her own practices and also oversees her team. May is a firm but fair leader and her team have great trust in her structures and guidance. She believes that wits aren’t always the answer you need to have heart to thrive. May loves to be challenged as she is on her toes quickly finding a solution. She is a mother to a gorgeous little girl which is reflected in her caring approach during each client call she receives.

Sabine is our Team C Practice Support Team Coordinator who keeps her team is working efficiently, fuelled by her freshly baked treats and sense of humour.  Sabine is currently completing her Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology aiming to become a clinical psychologist. Sabine’s passion in psychology translates into her communication with every client and clinician she speaks with. She works hard to create organisation and systemisation for each practice and is always seeking to improve processes.

Jay is our Team D Practice Support Team Coordinator known for her endless smile and her contagious laughs. Jay’s customer service is outstanding and she approaches each client and colleague with positivity and a can-do attitude. Jay has developed a strong sense of devotion to the practices she supports through her client calls, administrative support and organisation. As she provides support around the process of on-going care for each client, she always manages to be a smile on everyone’s face by the end of the call. 

Monique is our Admin Support team member and Personal Assistant to The Director.  Monique has a passion for supporting everyone who she crosses paths with and has an uncanny ability to understand people’s needs (sometimes before they can). Monique graduated grade 12 (during a pandemic!) in 2020 at the top of her grade for maths. She is a strong willed individual, having completed the Kokoda Trail (96km) in the Gold Coast at 15 years old! Monique aspires to one day manage her own team where she can teach her outstanding organisation skills to others.

Jill is a Practice Support Team member at Halo Practice Management. Jill always puts 110% effort in everyday and is a great contributor to our company culture. She has previously worked as a carer from someone who suffered from mental and psychical illness which allows her to truly connect with clients and their stories. She aims to create a safe atmosphere for every client she speaks with ensuring they will be receiving the best support possible.

Monique is a Practice Support Team member with an extra keen eye for detail! She is compassionate, caring and thoughtful in her work with clients and her teammates. Monique loves the opportunity to provide support to clients in need as she is able to provide a high level of support to each individual’s situation. Before working at Halo Practice Management, Monique completed her Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Communication at Griffith University. After growing up in the Northern Territory Monique made the move down to Brisbane and has been enjoying living here since. 

Sheridan is a practice support team member who has previously worked in management within the retail industry; in the future, she aspires to work in child protection as this is one of her passions. Sheridan has such a kind heart and a love for animals and she is currently raising a fur-baby, her puppy Lilly. Sheridan is a kind and caring person which translates to every client she speaks with. She aims to provide an equal opportunity for support anyone on the other end of the line. With her warm smile she is a valuable member to our team. 

Yohanna is one of our practice support team members who has been gifted with everlasting positivity and laughter. With a secret eye for poetry about topics which normally remain unspoken, she took home the Queensland 2019 Slam Poetry. She was also a Youth leader for 5 years representing Christ Australia statewide.

She is currently studying a double bachelor of behavioural science (psychology) and laws (honours) as she aspires to be a rock for people to count on. Yohanna ends every call with the client on the other end smiling and feeling fulfilled with our service. 

Sarah is a practice support team member who has 6 years experience within the administrative industry. She always maintains professionalism while conversing with clients over the phone and through email. She has a careful eye for attention to details ensuring each client is given the correct information and is supported towards their needs.

She is a mother of two little boys and has a passion for health and wellness. This has contributed to her interest in Mental Health and keeps her engaged everyday!

Lucia is a practice support team member who has a heart for helping people. She has volunteered at “Friendline” ensuring there is a friendly voice behind every call that cares about everyone’s individual situation. Not only is she dedicated to helping others but she is also passionate about the outdoors, fashion, crocheting and is a huge tea enthusiast. 

After she completed her Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) she wanted to purse a career at Halo wanting to help anyone who may be on there other end of the phone.

Sam is a practice support team member who has a knack for pottery and a passion for research. Sam has completed a Bachelor of psychological science (honours) and wants to purse a career as a Clinical or Organisational Psychologist. He strongly believes that everybody should have access to mental health care as mental health is often neglected compared to physical health. 

Kerri is our animal loving practice support team member who works from home accompanied by her dog, cat and bird. Kerri ensures throughout every call she helps clients find the support and care they need, her positive and caring personality creates a safe atmosphere for clients to reach out and access essential services. Kerri is always exceeding the expectations of her team and of every client with the support she provides.